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What age should your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl be?

Everyone always asks us " What's the best age for my flower girl or ring bearer to be at the time of our wedding? " We all LOVE the cute 1-2 year olds waddling or being pulled down the aisle in their adorable little outfits, but the reality of it is... is most of them don't make it down. Whether they lost it before getting to the ceremony space or as they walked down the aisle - attempting to have children in your ceremony without a plan can be disastrous. Wedding days are LONG, especially for little ones. There's waking up early, then travel, then getting ready, missed nap times, missed snack times, tons of pictures and then FINALLY show time. By the time you're ready to start your procession - your toddlers might be just a bit cranky. 

Sometimes they can get a little lost along the way 

Sometimes they can get a little lost along the way 

In our experience- we've found that kids ages 3 and up are best to ask to be in your bridal party. If you have an older Junior Bridesmaid that could act as their chaperon on the way down, that would be absolutely ideal! Older cousins or siblings help calm the little ones when all 200 of your guests turn around to look at them. Also, always remember to set an end goal for them ie. "Once you reach the end, make sure you sit with Grandma , there will be a prize there waiting for you!" 

With a little incentive (aka lollipops) they're sure to make it eventually!

With a little incentive (aka lollipops) they're sure to make it eventually!

My Fair Nanny has helped to get hundreds of our Bride's littlest bridal party members down the aisle.  Here are some of our tricks!

- Our sitters arrive early to make sure to get acquainted with your little ones and learn exactly what their favorites are. Once the ceremony is set to begin, our sitters will go up to the front of the aisle and make sure one of the child's favorite toys or snacks are in their line of sight. Imagine a little Spiderman inconspicuously dancing from the side of the aisle. 

- Once the children make it to the front, instead of having them trying to sit still and quiet during the entire ceremony (virtually impossible) our sitters will take them out of the space to walk around and explore.

- Once the ceremony is just about to end our sitters will make sure they are back in line for the recession. No one will ever notice they were gone!

Having children in your ceremony is an absolute must for some couples - children play a huge part in our lives and without that "awwww" moment, ceremonies just aren't the same. With the right strategy and caregivers at hand - you can have that adorable flower girl in a tutu, the secret service ring security AND a peaceful/tantrum free ceremony! 


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