My Fair nanny

Event Babysitting Service


My Fair Nanny is an event babysitting service serving the NJ, NYC, Delaware, DC and Philadelphia areas

Allow all your guests to relax and truly enjoy every moment of your celebration!

  • Are your guests traveling with children?  
  • Do you have a Flower Girl or Ring Bearer?

  •  Would you like all your Guests to relax and enjoy their night out?

  •  Are you looking for a polite way of saying "no children allowed"? 

  • Is your reception running later than a child's bedtime?

  • How many times have you heard "I would love to attend but I can't find a sitter"?

Maximize attendance by providing a stress free solution! Your guests will thank you!

Wedding Sitters 

Our Wedding Sitters will come to your venue of choice with all the tricks of the trade to entertain each child for as little or as long as you'd like. Be it at the hotel in which your guests are staying or in a separate room at the venue (bridal suite, meeting room), we will create a pop-up "Kids' Room" to allow each kiddo to kick back and relax. 

The day of your wedding should be as stress free as possible and our wedding sitters will do all that it takes to keep your littlest guests entertained and happy throughout the night.

Our "offsite" sitters will bring TONS of toys, arts and crafts, books, music and movies, to ensure your littlest guests a fun and exciting time!

Benefits of Offsite Childcare : If you are hosting an "Adults only" Reception, having the children stay at their hotel room with their sitter is the most ideal scenario. This way they get to relax in their comfy clothes and possibly even be sound asleep when their parents return. 

As an added bonus we encourage our sitters to send text message updates to parents throughout the night so they know just how much fun their little ones are having!



Our "onsite" sitters will come to your wedding and sit with your children at their designated "kiddie" tables. They will come equipped with subtle supplies to keep each child occupied as well as under control, to allow the adults to let loose without any worries. 

Benefits of Onsite Childcare : If you would like the children to be involved in your reception, then a Kids room or Kiddie table is for you! If you want to see some goofy dance moves from your littlest guests, then designating a specific area for them is exactly what you need! 

  • Kids room (bridal suite, separate meeting room etc) can be used for all the kids, sitters and activities. Their parents can come and sign them out when its "Party time!" and then sign them back in when they get tired or need some "adult time".  
  • Kiddie Table: We will assign sitters to your Kiddie Table to supervise all your little ones as they bust a move on the dance floor. We will make sure they are always in our sight, entertained and as quiet as possible during speeches and special moments so their parents can relax and let loose. *Because of the sound levels at receptions, we recommend this for children 5 years old and up. 

We even have wedding sitters that are certified to work with special needs children! So what are you waiting for?

Let the kids have a party of their own and book them with My Fair Nanny today!