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My Fair Nanny is an event babysitting service serving the NJ, NYC, Delaware, DC and Philadelphia areas

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"My Fair Nanny was a trooper (and wonderful to boot!) We are grateful for their willingness to watch out 1 year old sn during a dear friend's wedding.. through a hurricane, power outages, and a hotel fire alarm. Despite the hurricane, "the wedding must go on!" and we thank them profusely for showing up to care for our son so we could have a fun, worry-free time at the wedding."
--Lori, Madison Hotel

" Kimberly was amazing! the moment she walked in she was best friends with my daughter! i never worried once about my daughter and its because kimberly made it so easy to trust her. i would def use this service again thanks again!"
-- Milly

"My fair nanny covers EVERYTHING so that you can be carefree and concentrate on having a good time. They even ask for information about the children's favorite games and cartoon characters, so they can bring something that relates to each child. So little did we know, my wedding would fall on the day that Hurricane Irene hit NYC. Kim and Cali still made it all the way out to Brooklyn to the wedding! They were both so wonderful and happy and didn't think twice about coming out during a hurricane! So at that point, I absolutely LOVED themi... but what was most important, was that the children loved them too. And when I went to check on them, the SHYEST child in the bunch was running around laughing hysterically and then ran right up to Cali and gave her the biggest hug and kiss. The children were SO incredibly happy the entire time! They had so much more fun than they would have if they were forced to sit around during a wedding reception. The children instantly fell in love with Kim and Cali and the parents loved them as well and had a peace of mind while being able to let loose and enjoy the wedding reception. I could probably fill an entire page about my positive experiences with My Fair Nanny, but I'll try and stop here :-). This is a genius idea if you want to have a fun and carefree wedding, and My Fair Nanny is 100% friendly, trustworthy, patient, knowledgeable, and wonderful all around! I honestly think no wedding reception should be without this service EVER AGAIN!"
--Toshia, NYC

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