My Fair nanny

Event Babysitting Service


My Fair Nanny is an event babysitting service serving the NJ, NYC, Delaware, DC and Philadelphia areas

Party Sitters

Need some help maintaining sanity at your family gathering?

Birthday party or BBQ?

Our Event Sitters will come and organize games, stand in as lifeguards at your pool, or simply keep an eye on everyone to allow peace of mind for all your guests.

We are open to all party ideas, face painting, costumes, three legged races etc. and aren't afraid to act a little goofy to ensure all children will have a great time!! 

Book your Event Sitter today so everyone (including you!) can relax and truly enjoy yourselves!


Pet Sitters

Is your furbaby a part of your big day?

Need someone to make sure they get home safely?

Need someone to care for them throughout the day? 

Our pet sitters LOVE animals of all kinds! Contact us today to make sure they get the best care possible!

** Annabelle the bulldog was given plenty of cookies after this photo



Night Out Sitters

In need of a night out with your friends? 

Need a trustworthy and Fully qualified babysitter to take care of each and every one of your groups' children?

My Fair Nanny to the rescue!!!

Our babysitters will come to your home and care for everyone's little ones,
while all the grown ups enjoy a well deserved night out!

Schedule yourself a "break" and give us a call!!